Getting started

Installing app and signing in

  1. Click here to install Church Center app

  2. Tap Get started

  3. Tap Allow when prompted to allow Church Center to use your location while in the app

  4. Tap Use my location

  5. Tap Covenant Baptist Church

  6. Tap This is my church

  7. Enter your mobile phone number

  8. Enter the 6-digit verification code

  9. Tap Next

  10. Tap Continue

  11. Tap Allow when prompted to allow Church Center to send you notifications

Finding groups

  1. Tap Groups

  2. You should see a list of your groups

  3. You can also scroll down to find a group by tapping on a group category (Ministry Teams, Small Groups, Exploring Covenant Baptist Church, CBC Staff, CBC Leadership, or Email Lists). CBC Prayer Emails, our most popular group, is located in the Email Lists category

  4. To join a group tap on the group and tap Ask to join

Using groups

Scroll down to see a description of the group, contact information, location information, and group leaders.

Subscribing to group event notifications

  1. Scroll to the top and tap Subscribe under Upcoming events

  2. Tap Subscribe in the popup

  3. Tap Done in the popup. Now your group’s events will appear in your Calendar app that came with your iPhone.

  4. Some groups have resources linked. Tap View All under Resources and tap on the resource name you’d like to open.

Contacting group members

  1. Once a member of a group, scroll to the bottom to see the Members section

  2. Tap View All

  3. Tap on the member you’d like to contact

  4. Tap Send email. This will open your default email app and allow you to compose a new email to this member.

Adjace - Accessing Covenant’s New Directory

Go to Covenant’s home page Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the heading New Directory at the bottom of the right hand column.

Creating an account and signing in

  1. Tap Create your Account

  2. Enter Email Address and use primary email address

  3. Enter Password and follow password requirements

  4. Confirm your account by selecting email sent by Adjace

  5. Tap Directory to view members directory

  6. Tap Search and input names to search for family

To view your profile

  1. Tap Top Right Icon

  2. Tap Profile to view profile

  3. Select Member in household and edit personal information if needed

  4. For IT questions or concerns, EMAIL