Africa Mission - September 9, 2013


We Welcome the Southeast Asia Group

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you for your continued support and lifting for us! We have many new things to tell you all and hope that you will be uplifted by the news of what Father is doing here in Africa. 

We are very excited (and busy) now that the group from Southeast Asia have arrived! They landed in Africa on Thursday morning and have been adjusting to the different language, food, and way of life here on campus. This week they will begin their training by being introduced to the way this campus works and the jobs here. 

Please be lifting about team dynamics. The team was brought in from more than 3 different areas of Southeast Asia and their experience as a team is limited to a 1 week camp and the time they have been together since arriving here. Lift that they will bond with each other and have patience with each other. Lift that they will grow as a team and be unified so that the time of training is here is as beneficial as possible. 

The team is made up of 10 Asian deaf, 2 American deaf, us, and 1 hearing Asian. The hearing lady, "R", is new to everything deaf related. Prior to coming, R had learned no sign languages or anything about deaf culture. Please lift that she has the ability to quickly learn sign language and deaf culture. R's first few days have been a bit overwhelming for her, so please be lifting that she will adjust quickly and feel accepted and loved here. 

Recently, LT has been having a few digestive/stomach issues. After visiting the doctor, we found that she had amoebas. Now she is amoeba free and continuing to improve, feeling 99% herself again. The last doctor's visit, though, showed that LT has a bit of Typhoid. She has not had any symptoms or fever and is taking antibiotics to kill the Typhoid. We thank Father that she has had no symptoms and has been feeling quite well through all of this. After LT is free of the Typhoid, we plan to go and get our shots updated. Please be lifting that Father continues to show His mercy by continuing to guard over our bodies. We are so thankful that He has protected us from any major health issues thus far!

Finally, in the near future we will begin sending out paper updates as well as our e-mailed updates. If you would like to be on our mailing list, please reply with your full name and address so that we can add you to our new paper update list!

We are so thankful that you have partnered with us in this journey! We hope that we will continue to love and support one another in His Name. 

In Him,