Mexico Update - September 10, 2013


Hi everyone! 

I can't begin to explain how God continues to work in my life here. When I left the kitchen to continue my work in the learning center I was sad. I just knew that God wanted me in the kitchen. But God doesn't always call us to do the easiest jobs. He calls us to tasks that push us beyond our bounds to do the impossible. I prayed that God would open doors for me to go back and work in the kitchen. But God had better plans for me. He knew exactly where I needed to be and that was in the Learning Center. The kitchen was easy and not hard. The learning center was challenging and very busy. But God knew what was best. So many times I think my plans and my desires are better than what God has for me. But he continues to show me everyday that He is in control and sovereign and he knows what's best. Lately a lot of the sermons have been about Peter and getting out of your boat. Leaving what feels comfortable and safe and going where God wants you. God has been teaching me how to trust in him. Even when I do not understand the things around me he is teaching me to have stronger faith in him. It has been so encouraging to share with other believers here that share the same struggles as me. Sometimes it feels like I am the only one that goes through lack of trust and faith in God's plan for my life. When you are in the middle of the storm it's hard to trust God in all the mess around you. But that's when I remember God's attributes. He is so faithful and so loving. He knows the hard times are what grows us closer to his heart and matures our faith and trust in him. When you only have the mountain top experiences your faith doesn't grow and mature. It's in the hard times that God grows you faith and trust that he knows what he's doing and he knows what's best.