Mexico Update - August 10, 2013


It has been a busy summer here in Mexico. The learning center just came back after a long summer break. While they were on summer break I worked in the Cuna and the kitchen. In the cuna I helped change diapers, feed, give baths, and whatever else was needed. After working there I went to the kitchen. I loved working there. I quickly became known as the salad girl. I helped prepare meals, cleaned beans, washed dishes, and anything else needed. I would love to go back and work in the kitchen because that is where I feel the most gifted at. Please pray that God would open a door for me to go back there and if not pray that God would give me a peace about staying where I am. The medical team was just here and it was so great to see them. There impact on the community here is huge. People anticipate their arrival every year. Some of the people who work at the mission translated for the team. One of the guy's who translated was telling me that one of the patient's got saved and how excited he was to witness it and be apart of it. So many amazing stories like this the whole week. This week we had a small group come from Colorado. There was a dentist in the group but she did not know if she was needed this week since the medical team was here the week before. So she decided to come anyways. When she got here she was told how the dentist in the medical group was not able to come the week before and she was thrilled to realize they needed her. So many amazing stories about how God provides....even in the little things.
I am so thankful to serve a couple of more months. I was struggling for a while about leaving. I just did not feel like it was time to go home. God opened the door for me to stay longer and I am so blessed to be able to serve and be apart of what God is doing here. I can not even put in to words what this place is like or how God uses ordinary people to do his ministry. It is an experience like no other. You will truly never be the same!!!