Friends in Asia - July 8, 2013


Dear Family and Friends,

We have an exciting update for you this month! 

Two weeks ago, B went to a summer camp in another city specifically for Deaf Brothers and Sisters. Before going to the camp we had no idea what the camp would cover or entail, just that it was for Deaf Followers. L was not able to go to the camp because she still had classes. 

From the first moments of arrival B felt challenged and encouraged. The majority of the camp was local deaf, but in total there were 9 countries represented by the deaf. There were not many hearing people invited to the camp and the hearing leaders of the camp were not sure why B wanted to join the camp. One of the hearing leaders talked with B after lunch early on and discovered that B has a BA in Linguistics. After learning that, B was offered a job working along side of a deaf team to do Transl. work of the Book. 

Father then worked it out so that L's Monday class was cancelled and she was able to travel to that city for the weekend to also meet with the leaders and hear about the job offer to B. We both felt that this work was Father's leading for them. Our main concern, though, was L's contract at her school. 

We began to lift that Father would work out a smooth transition with L leaving the school and another Sister, taking her place. This was also answered quickly and so thoroughly that it had to be Father's work. 

Now, we will be heading to Africa for 5 months to get training in doing Transl. work for the Book. We leave July and will stay until December. B will be doing training to become a Consultant in Training (CIT) and L will join in, but won't take an official role in the work. A consultant's job is to dig into the original language, context, and culture and teach that background information to the deaf so that they can work on making a signed video of the text. B will also be working towards getting a Master's degree of some kind. 

After Africa, we will move to the big city to join the team of locals and begin the work on Trasnl! We will be a part of a team made up of many deaf locals who will join in the training in Africa. They will come to Africa in September because paperwork takes much longer for locals. 

Please lift for:

1. Our newest local Sister, one of L's students named J, who made a decision a week ago. Lift that she will be strong at home over the summer. 

2. Several of L's students from this past year are very close and very interested. Lift that they will continue to read the Book over the summer and come into the Family soon.

3. Traveling to Africa, starting mid July

4. The local team members to get the paperwork needed to join the training in Africa. Getting passports and visas can be quite difficult for locals. 

We are so excited about how Father has been leading us step by step and we look forward to sharing this journey with you!

Much love in Him,