Friends in Asia - May 14, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

As usual, spring has arrived and brought with it the business of the season. We are now over halfway done with the spring term and have many things to share with you!

Things at the Deaf School are going very well. Although Chelsea has not completely regained her memory, she has regained her sweet and bubbly personality. She has picked back up her life and we have enjoyed building a new friendship with her. 

At the Deaf School, B has been teaching several of the older boys some English. If the deaf students want to take the College Entrance Exam they also need to pass the English section. The boys have been doing well! 

At L's school during the Easter holiday, she was able to share the sacred and secular aspects of the holiday. She used a Powerpoint to share the story of the holiday's history and then was able to do a mini-Easter Egg hunt in the classes. Many students were very interested in the PPT's information and a couple of the recently made Sisters asked L for a copy of the PPT in order to show some of their friends!

The Book Study group at L's school that was started this year is also doing very well. Many new students have attended with the 3 already believing students. The study is led by Eve's husband, Paul. We are excited about how well things have gone with this group!

B continues to meet and share with his Tutoring families and his friends in the Deaf community. He hopes to help out at a Deaf summer camp for a week during June. He is also lifting about some ideas to make learning CSL (Chinese Sign Language) more accessible to the general public. 

During this week and the next, we have a group of students from CA who have come to do work. They will join L classes, go to tutoring with B, visit a couple other schools in the area, and go to the Farm, Deaf School, and Colony. They will also meet with L students for lunch each weekday while they are here. The same kind of lunches were done during our last group (at Christmas time) and those lunches helped to start the Book Study at L's school. We are looking forward to seeing all the ways Father will use this current group.

Anytime we have a group come, we lift for and eagerly anticipate the next group that Father will ask to come over. We hope that you will join with us as we lift for the current group and we hope that you will lift about any role Father has for you to play in future groups, whether by coming or by giving or by lifting!

Lifting Requests:

1. More opportunities to share with the Deaf students and community

2. The Book Studies in our city (both at L's school and throughout the community)

3. The Group that is currently with us

4. A local pair of Believers will be getting married in May

5. A new Expat is moving over later in May to open a coffee shop near L's school

6. The details and arrangements leading up to the Deaf Camp in mid-June

We are so thankful for your support and encouragement. We lift that Father will be with you and keep you.