Mexico Update - September 10, 2013


Hi everyone! 

I can't begin to explain how God continues to work in my life here. When I left the kitchen to continue my work in the learning center I was sad. I just knew that God wanted me in the kitchen. But God doesn't always call us to do the easiest jobs. He calls us to tasks that push us beyond our bounds to do the impossible. I prayed that God would open doors for me to go back and work in the kitchen. But God had better plans for me. He knew exactly where I needed to be and that was in the Learning Center. The kitchen was easy and not hard. The learning center was challenging and very busy. But God knew what was best. So many times I think my plans and my desires are better than what God has for me. But he continues to show me everyday that He is in control and sovereign and he knows what's best. Lately a lot of the sermons have been about Peter and getting out of your boat. Leaving what feels comfortable and safe and going where God wants you. God has been teaching me how to trust in him. Even when I do not understand the things around me he is teaching me to have stronger faith in him. It has been so encouraging to share with other believers here that share the same struggles as me. Sometimes it feels like I am the only one that goes through lack of trust and faith in God's plan for my life. When you are in the middle of the storm it's hard to trust God in all the mess around you. But that's when I remember God's attributes. He is so faithful and so loving. He knows the hard times are what grows us closer to his heart and matures our faith and trust in him. When you only have the mountain top experiences your faith doesn't grow and mature. It's in the hard times that God grows you faith and trust that he knows what he's doing and he knows what's best.  



Africa Mission - September 9, 2013


We Welcome the Southeast Asia Group

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you for your continued support and lifting for us! We have many new things to tell you all and hope that you will be uplifted by the news of what Father is doing here in Africa. 

We are very excited (and busy) now that the group from Southeast Asia have arrived! They landed in Africa on Thursday morning and have been adjusting to the different language, food, and way of life here on campus. This week they will begin their training by being introduced to the way this campus works and the jobs here. 

Please be lifting about team dynamics. The team was brought in from more than 3 different areas of Southeast Asia and their experience as a team is limited to a 1 week camp and the time they have been together since arriving here. Lift that they will bond with each other and have patience with each other. Lift that they will grow as a team and be unified so that the time of training is here is as beneficial as possible. 

The team is made up of 10 Asian deaf, 2 American deaf, us, and 1 hearing Asian. The hearing lady, "R", is new to everything deaf related. Prior to coming, R had learned no sign languages or anything about deaf culture. Please lift that she has the ability to quickly learn sign language and deaf culture. R's first few days have been a bit overwhelming for her, so please be lifting that she will adjust quickly and feel accepted and loved here. 

Recently, LT has been having a few digestive/stomach issues. After visiting the doctor, we found that she had amoebas. Now she is amoeba free and continuing to improve, feeling 99% herself again. The last doctor's visit, though, showed that LT has a bit of Typhoid. She has not had any symptoms or fever and is taking antibiotics to kill the Typhoid. We thank Father that she has had no symptoms and has been feeling quite well through all of this. After LT is free of the Typhoid, we plan to go and get our shots updated. Please be lifting that Father continues to show His mercy by continuing to guard over our bodies. We are so thankful that He has protected us from any major health issues thus far!

Finally, in the near future we will begin sending out paper updates as well as our e-mailed updates. If you would like to be on our mailing list, please reply with your full name and address so that we can add you to our new paper update list!

We are so thankful that you have partnered with us in this journey! We hope that we will continue to love and support one another in His Name. 

In Him,



Mexico Update - August 10, 2013


It has been a busy summer here in Mexico. The learning center just came back after a long summer break. While they were on summer break I worked in the Cuna and the kitchen. In the cuna I helped change diapers, feed, give baths, and whatever else was needed. After working there I went to the kitchen. I loved working there. I quickly became known as the salad girl. I helped prepare meals, cleaned beans, washed dishes, and anything else needed. I would love to go back and work in the kitchen because that is where I feel the most gifted at. Please pray that God would open a door for me to go back there and if not pray that God would give me a peace about staying where I am. The medical team was just here and it was so great to see them. There impact on the community here is huge. People anticipate their arrival every year. Some of the people who work at the mission translated for the team. One of the guy's who translated was telling me that one of the patient's got saved and how excited he was to witness it and be apart of it. So many amazing stories like this the whole week. This week we had a small group come from Colorado. There was a dentist in the group but she did not know if she was needed this week since the medical team was here the week before. So she decided to come anyways. When she got here she was told how the dentist in the medical group was not able to come the week before and she was thrilled to realize they needed her. So many amazing stories about how God provides....even in the little things.
I am so thankful to serve a couple of more months. I was struggling for a while about leaving. I just did not feel like it was time to go home. God opened the door for me to stay longer and I am so blessed to be able to serve and be apart of what God is doing here. I can not even put in to words what this place is like or how God uses ordinary people to do his ministry. It is an experience like no other. You will truly never be the same!!!


Friends in Asia - July 16, 2013


Quick Update... 

Hey everyone! 

We just wanted to take a minute to let you know we have arrived in Africa safely! Thank you for your thoughts as we were traveling. Over the coming weeks we will be studying sign language and getting to know how things work around here. This will prepare us for when the team of people from Asia arrive to begin training for 3 months.

The group from Asia is still needing some thoughts and lifts. The original plan was to have 14 people on the team, but there have been some trouble getting permission from a few parents. We are also still lifting about getting visas for the team. Please be lifting that Father will work out who will come and that they can get the 3 month visa!

Love in Him!



Friends in Asia - July 8, 2013


Dear Family and Friends,

We have an exciting update for you this month! 

Two weeks ago, B went to a summer camp in another city specifically for Deaf Brothers and Sisters. Before going to the camp we had no idea what the camp would cover or entail, just that it was for Deaf Followers. L was not able to go to the camp because she still had classes. 

From the first moments of arrival B felt challenged and encouraged. The majority of the camp was local deaf, but in total there were 9 countries represented by the deaf. There were not many hearing people invited to the camp and the hearing leaders of the camp were not sure why B wanted to join the camp. One of the hearing leaders talked with B after lunch early on and discovered that B has a BA in Linguistics. After learning that, B was offered a job working along side of a deaf team to do Transl. work of the Book. 

Father then worked it out so that L's Monday class was cancelled and she was able to travel to that city for the weekend to also meet with the leaders and hear about the job offer to B. We both felt that this work was Father's leading for them. Our main concern, though, was L's contract at her school. 

We began to lift that Father would work out a smooth transition with L leaving the school and another Sister, taking her place. This was also answered quickly and so thoroughly that it had to be Father's work. 

Now, we will be heading to Africa for 5 months to get training in doing Transl. work for the Book. We leave July and will stay until December. B will be doing training to become a Consultant in Training (CIT) and L will join in, but won't take an official role in the work. A consultant's job is to dig into the original language, context, and culture and teach that background information to the deaf so that they can work on making a signed video of the text. B will also be working towards getting a Master's degree of some kind. 

After Africa, we will move to the big city to join the team of locals and begin the work on Trasnl! We will be a part of a team made up of many deaf locals who will join in the training in Africa. They will come to Africa in September because paperwork takes much longer for locals. 

Please lift for:

1. Our newest local Sister, one of L's students named J, who made a decision a week ago. Lift that she will be strong at home over the summer. 

2. Several of L's students from this past year are very close and very interested. Lift that they will continue to read the Book over the summer and come into the Family soon.

3. Traveling to Africa, starting mid July

4. The local team members to get the paperwork needed to join the training in Africa. Getting passports and visas can be quite difficult for locals. 

We are so excited about how Father has been leading us step by step and we look forward to sharing this journey with you!

Much love in Him,



Ethiopia Spring 2013


I'm so glad you took time to join me on a quick trip to Africa to see what miracles God is working in and through His people. We left Valdosta at 1:30am on 4/26/13 and drove to Jacksonville, FL for the first leg of our flight. We flew to New York and met up with the rest of the medical team and headed to Dubai, then onward to Addis Ababa landing in country at 6:30am EST on 4/27/13. Then a five hour bus ride took us to Hosanna, Ethiopia where our team sponsor, Jewish Voice, already had our clinic organized and ready to begin a week of ministry. Our sponsor is a Messianic Jewish Organization that seeks to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations, to the Jew first and also the Greek. they sponsor medical outreach events and provide humanitarian aid to countries with known Jewish communities in need. They also disciple new believers by directing them to local churches and working to provide support and training for pastors and leaders. Click here to read the entire summary with photos...