Mexico Orphanage Ministry Update

September 1

Good morning from Mexico! Currently it’s 5:50 a.m. and I have never been up this early on a Saturday. As a lay in bed my thoughts are all about school. Tossing and turning I pull out my phone to make notes of things I need to print off for the kids. Few minutes later I remember something else. Then again and again until I decided to get up and start my day. 
Monday was our first day of school. The week was so busy and the time went by so fast. Things left undone that needed to be done. Things that we all planned to work on with the kids but didn’t get to. The week flew by. We also had 20 new kids start in the school this year. During the summer many kids were brought in by our local social services. Kids who were found wandering alone, kids who ran away from another orphanage, and kids who were taking care of each other while their parents worked. One surprising twist was two of our new boys, who were found by themselves, used to be here at the orphanage back in 2013. They come from a family 7 kids and the older girls take care of the younger kids. One of the boys who is with us now used to be with me in the cuna (nursery). Of course he didn’t remember me but after I showed him a few pictures he immediately clung to my side. 
We have a total of 65 kids in our school this year. The majority of the 20 kids that came over the summer have never been in school. I’m talking about 8 year olds, 12 year olds, etc. Many of these kids have never heard the name of Jesus. They come from rough backgrounds or neglect. They don’t come from families that take them to church or at night read them bible stories. This is a whole new concept for these kids. In the mornings we have devotion time with the kids. Our supervisor/principal, cheryl, leads the kids in worship songs and then a 10 minute devotion on how God is real. How he is close to them. For all of us who work with the kids we desire to be lights. Especially for the new ones who are hearing about God and his love for the first time. 

For me it’s been a challenging week. Balancing two different age groups and two different learning stages at the same time has been a little difficult. Feeling like I’m not completely ready. Feeling like I need more time for planning. I guess it has made me a little stressed out. Many days I skipped lunch to stay and work so I could get to the place I felt organized. 
I have always been a planner. I like things laid out, organized, and then I feel confident in what I need to accomplish. So let’s just say I wasn’t feeling that this week. 
But I’m thankful for God’s love. His grace. He gives me just what I need at just the right time. He gives me ideas and creative ways I can do things. What I mean by that is, Thursday evening  my schedule came together. This idea popped in my head on how I could work the schedule and help the kids without feeling overwhelmed. 
We serve a father who is so gracious. Who is so creative. Who gives us ideas to help others. This week that’s been my wow moment. Watching God move even in the small details of life. 

When y’all think of the mission, or people serving in different places, or when y’all think of Jordan and I, pray for us. Pray that God would use us. That he would use us to love his children and his people. That we would not only be hands and feet but light. Light to a world that doesn’t acknowledge him. Pray for the kids here at the orphanage. 

Also, we just received three new babies within the past few days. One baby came from a very abusive home. She had scratches, bite marks, broken arm, and some other horrifying incidents. This little girl is the cutest thing. She looks to be about 6 or 8 months. Pray for her recovery. Pray that this baby girl will be adopted and go into a family who loves her. It’s heartbreaking to watch some of the kids that come here with heavy loads and difficult circumstances. You just want to make it go away. It becomes a process of walking it out with these kids. Reassuring them they didn’t deserve what happened to them. It wasn’t right. Often its hard for them to understand love because they haven’t been shown love. Imagine how much harder it is to explain to them about a God who loves them, wants them, and cares for them. It’s not always easy. It takes time, constantly repeating God loves them, and then showing them what true love is. It takes relationship and time. 

Thank y’all for your support
Love you all

Here’s a couple of pictures from the week.

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